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About Me:

The low road will seem appealing and easy, but it will cost you as you try to climb the other side. The high road will be more difficult but easier on your soul during the longer journey.

For reference sake, I am what I like to call 3L: Lesbian Liberal Lefty, with a dash of radical feminist thrown in. Itโ€™s not my goal to invite conflict by telling you this, but rather to put us all on a fair and even foundation.

Though I have in the past, I will no longer downvote any comments at all. I will upvote those I agree with or like, but will no longer fall into the horrible trap of downvoting those I donโ€™t. What you feel you must downvote, you must downvote. I will not. I am better than that.

I wish peace and calm for everyone (but mostly for me), and openly offer my most sincere apologies to those who I may have offended in the past.


Trying to be a better person than I was yesterday.


Either you're blind, or there are no photos.

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